Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plant Food Passion

Aka aphrodisiac food passion plant is often denied to the experts, but many people believe in its value. Some states, from the shape, scent, texture and flavor on the tongue section. Some kind of aphrodisiac even raise the body temperature and increase energy. In essence, in addition to sharpen a sense, an aphrodisiac is the best source to maintain the vitality of sexual hormones.
Just try to serve foods that can be fired following sexual arousal.
Honey is rich in boron, a kind of mineral that can increase the testosterone levels in the blood so that increased sexual ability. The honey also contains B vitamins that are good for the production of testosterone.

Oysters are often believed to be the generation of sexual arousal is quite powerful. Apparently this caused a very high content of zinc in the oyster. Zinc is very good to help the production of testosterone and arouse sexual desire.


Behind the sharp smell, garlic contains allicin zinc and is very useful to improve blood circulation and increase sperm production.

That said, the fig is a favorite fruit of Cleopatra. It has raised the benefits of sexual stimulation. The Greeks generally associate figs with fertility and sexuality. 
Pure chocolate has a lot of the content of anandamide (chemicals that improve mood) and PEA or phenylethylamine which helps the production of dopamine (the pleasure center in the brain) so it helps to achieve orgasm. In addition, the content of tryptophan in cacao as well be for the serotonin neurotransmitter that gives a sense of relaxation and calm.

Behind the special aroma of one type of leaf that is usually used as a spice in cooking, basil can also arouse sexual desire.


Bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. Vitamin B plays an important role to improve blood circulation, optimizing sex hormones and increase sexual desire. Bromeliads and mineral content of the enzyme can increase libido in men.


It is believed the Aztecs as a testicle tree view of the shape of an avocado which depend a pair similar to the testicles. However, later known if avocados contain folic acid, vitamin B6 and potassium also can enhance the immune system.

The aroma is believed to arouse a woman. But in fact, almonds are rich in magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E, has the function of optimizing sex hormones and improve blood circulation.

Asparagus contains potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamin, and folic acid are good enough, thus increasing the histamine that are essential for achieving orgasm in men and women.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Recognize 10 points Erotic Women

            One phase is the phase of sexual stimulation. Well, to be maximal stimulation, it helps you recognize the couple erotic zones. Erogenous zones are areas on the body erotic, both women and men. Genital area is clearly a sensitive area, because this area is full of stimulating nerves, including the G-spot in women. In general, the erogenous zones in men and women together, for example the lips, around the ear, the area around the neck, the area around the breasts, around the navel, the area around the genitals, and the area around the inner thigh. These areas include sensitive areas are common in men and women. However, in some people, there is also a special erotic area. For example, sensitive when stimulated in the back of the neck area.
Well, where are the erogenous zones in women?

1. An eye lids and temples

 In both areas there are many nerve endings. Stimulation in this area of ​​great help arouse your partner.

2. Ear

 In addition to the eye, the ear is also the point of erotic women. This section, particularly the ears and the outer ear, is very sensitive and will respond when stimulated.Stimulation of the ear to the neck will also create its own stimulus that could accelerate the passion.

3.armpits and Shoulders 

The armpits, including a fairly sensitive area. The right touch and stimulation in this area, then to the shoulder, can make quick ignited her passion.

4. Lips 

This area is full of nerve endings. In addition, women also have lips thinner skin, so a little touch will immediately arouse passion.

5. Breasts and nipples 

Inevitably, the breast is one of the central erotic women. Touch and stimulation in this area and also nipples will make passion aroused.

6. Feet

 This section was also the center of erotic women. Touch and stimulation in this area will make your partner aroused. Touch the fingers and the soles of his feet. Smooth massage will also make your partner feel comfortable.

7. Region Rear Knee

 After performing the foot stimulation in the region, the next erotic point is the area below the knee. This area seems to often go unnoticed. In fact, the skin in this area is very sensitive to stimulation. A little touch will add excitement and stimulation of the couple.

8. The area between the navel and pubic bone 

This region is also filled with nerve endings. Stimulation in this area will draw blood to the genital region and arouse.

9. Ass 

Other erotic areas are the buttocks. Besides loaded with nerve endings, this area is also a place of pelvic muscles are interrelated. Little stimulation alone will create excitement in the other body and immediately boost the passion.

10. Vagina

 Last vaginal area into zones that can stimulate the passion as well as the peak of pleasure in sex. In this area there are several points of stimulation, including vaginal lips, the area around the vagina and the clitoris.

What Makes Great Sex Girls lusting

Able Self Ignited Passion Sex 
Women of this type of fire could rekindle his own affair with no long wait for a man is stimulated. Survey shows women of this type is able to fantasize that invites passion. For example, assume yourself naked or half naked in a public place or anywhere else, so that his eyes darting or be curious.

My body my palace 
This slogan is a women's self-belief of this kind. He sees himself as a mine of pleasure. When men do not or are less able to satisfy, it will guide suggests places that should be stimulated and optimized. For example, show where the G-spot. Even he likes to take the initiative. 

I am the Goddess of Sex
With the recognition as the Goddess of Sex, she likes to striptease or erotic dance in front of the man before intercourse. He would do anything for the sake of mutual satisfaction. Sometimes he outsmarts something ultimately want an intimate relationship with men. He likes to pretend to ask for anything but the implied invitation of intimate relationships.

Sigh Giving Erotic
Usually screamed or cried like when stimulated. He did not hesitate to ask sighed as she kissed his organ. For example, breast, legs, neck, ears, etc.. Many erotic expression revealed by this type of woman.

Towards Process-Oriented On Orgasm
Usually this type of female orgasm is not oriented, but in the process towards orgasm. Women who do all it can reach the point of climax, do not consider orgasm as a bonus. He asserts the circuit for orgasm full of pleasure and fun. Orgasm or not really depends on the woman's own beliefs. With thought and sure of orgasm, then whatever the circuit will produce an orgasm intercourse.

Got a Typical Prescription Stimulate Men
 Most women know how to please and satisfy the man was providing stimulus to the area directly below the navel. But some women have a special recipe other than that. For example, kissing the nape of man or other means that can burn passionate man.

Know What Men Want 

In addition to providing a satisfactory service, this kind lady knows what she wants her partner. Sometimes some men do not crave the weird, but quite in-karaoke alone. With the mastery of oral sex techniques, women of this type is able to provide the sensation of pleasure extraordinary intimacy. He did not hesitate to fulfill every desire of man.

Experimenting like position and type of foreplayTaking the time to experiment with new positions and new foreplay is a favorite of this type of woman. In addition to finding new pleasures, adventurous spirit can be accommodated.

Always Make a Passion Intimate Relationships and Full New Nuance 

Women of this type always gives a new passion and new nuances in intimate relationships. Occasionally he looked for inspiration by renting videos blue to increase sex drive. When the way down, there is just this woman-owned strategy. For example, sex in new places, new foreplay with different variations, reading a magazine "HOT", etc..

Exciting Every Time 

This model woman willing to get up early to prepare for more exciting. For example, early in the morning have a bath so that the body is clean, fragrant, and exciting. Intimate relationships were ready to do the morning if desired. Men were not reluctant or shy. These women all day and night always seemed exciting. He also likes to seduce your partner as if for the first time.

Sex Is a Top Priority 

Women of this type is never reluctant or refuse sex. There are no words, "I'm tired," or other similar expressions. He knows that sex is the first drug as an antidote to tired, stressed, reluctantly, etc.. Despite being reluctant to serve their husbands, women of this type can handle it well and give satisfactory service. This reluctance can be transformed into pleasure 

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Classification of Hormones

Hormone-based effects on reproductive physiology, can be classified into two groups, namely hormones that directly affect reproduction (primary reproductive hormone) dab of hormones that indirectly affect reproduction (reproductive hormone secondary), while based on chemical structure, hormones are divided into protein hormones, steroids, amen, and fat.

Hormone Assay
Various assay (determination / determination) hormone has to be done to know the kind or type, reaction or influence something as well as levels of hormones hormone at a time. These methods start from the simplest of methods biology and then ablation until such sophisticated methods ELISA, RIA, PBA, RRA.

Working Mechanism of Hormone
All of the hormone to the target organ is always through the blood circulation. Because participate in blood circulation, it can spread throughout the body and can relate with all cells go through, but only the target cells of organs that show response while the cells are not the target organs showed no response. This due to the receptor on the cell wall or inside the cell cytoplasm target. These receptors are composed of several series of hypothetical proteins  is specific. The meaning here is the special nature of the receptor protein only recognize only one type of hormones and cause one or several kinds of reactions typical of the target cells. This theory is known as receptor theory.

Hormone Secretion Settings
The endocrine system is a very sensitive system settings, manage and physiological behavior of animals to changes of internal environment and externally. Regulated internal environment to maintain balance nutrients (substances in the body), while changes occur in rhythmic body activity in periods of rest (sleep) and active turns. Hence there are cycles rhythmic daily. Genesis Reproduction and growth occurs in winter and certain circumstances, migration events (travel far to anticipate climatic conditions are suitable) conducted several animal species, all of that influenced by hormones. This shows the endocrine system is affected by stimuli received through the nervous organs. In short, the endocrine glands is directly controlled by the nervous system. Neurosekretoris cells stimulation of the hypothalamus is an excellent example in this regard. In the body, such processes reproduction, growth, metabolism and others affected by two or more hormone. These hormones work together to get positives changes. For the hormone is working properly then there is the system arrangement that allows a balance between secretion activity with inhibition of secretion of hormones in the body. The settings are mainly performed on feedback mechanism (servo mechanism) or a feed back mechanism. There are two kind of feedback mechanism is positive feedback and negative feedback. In general, a negative feedback mechanism is much greater role than positive feedback mechanism to maintain balance and harmony in work and secretion of hormones. Endocrine gland in normal circumstances, and the resting state, have a constant amount of secretion, and this number is influenced by the concentration of humoral factors or nerve stimulation are working towards this organ. For example, if the concentration of sugar increase in blood (hyperglycemia), the increase in concentration is a stimulus for formation of insulin, which accelerate the expenditure of blood sugar. While state hypoglycemia stimulates the formation of which accelerate the release of epinephrine sugar into the blood from the liver. Also setting tropic hormone secretion are influenced by deficient secretion of gonadal hormones, thyroid or adrenal corteks, while giving these hormones will reduce the secretion of trophic hormones. Here look hormonal function in the regulation of body fluid homeostasis.

The hypothalamus is located based on the vertebrate brain (sella tursica), covering parts optic chiasma, tube cinerum, mammilary bodies, median aminence, infundibulum (Stalks hipophysa) and pars nervosa. The hypothalamus has been known to receive information of the senses, integrating it and divide and distribute it to the tools concerned. This process works autonomously, but the size and rapid depending on the genetic nature of the slow disbursement of the individual. Neurohumoral control of adenohipopisa based on anatomical data and physiology of nerve fibers that release the hormone into the hypothalamus blood vessels portae hypotalamo-hipopiseal. Several kinds of hormones originating from the hypothalamus controls the functioning hipopisa. These hormones are FSHRH / LH-RH, oxytocin, Vassopressin, TRH, ACTH-RH, STH-RH PIH and GIH (Somatostatin).

Included in the hormone protein. FSH-RH and LH-RH containing 10 amino amino (decapeptida), molecular weight ± 1183. FSH-RH/LH-RH cause stimulating the secretion of gonadotropin hormones (FSH and LH) dar adenohipopisa. Part hypothalamus that play a role in secretion is pre-optic FSH-RH/LH-RH anterior hypothalamus, arcuate nucleus, ventromedial nucleus and the median aminence.

Oxytocin and vasopressin
Was first detected in extracts of cow and pig hipopisa in 1953 by Du Vigneaud. This hormone is produced by synthesis neurohipopisa but there are at the supra-optic nucleus (source vassopressin) and the ventricular nuclei (source oxitocin) of the hypothalamus. The hormone is secreted from the hypothalamus via nerve axons hipotalmikhipopiseal by flow axoplasmik and stored in nerve endings. From nerve endings then forwarded to the blood capillaries in neurohipopisa henceforth secreted into the blood circulation system. This hormone is a protein hormone, containing nine different amino acids, both structures are very similar. There are two types of arginine vassopressin vassopressin is also known as Anti-Diuretic Hormone (ADH) and lysin vassopressin. Both the hormone oxytocin and vassopressin proteins synthesized in carrier called NEUROPISIN. Neuropisin ties with oxytocin is also called prohormone to oxytocin. Oxytocin affects the contractions of the uterus, oviduct contraction thus affecting transport of ova and spermatozoa, have the effect of milk let down. Vassopressin affect water reabsorption in the kidneys.

TRH or thyrolibrin, is a protein hormone containing three acid amino (tri peptides). TRH affect the secretion of the hormone prolactin (LTH) and TSH of adenohipopisa. It is interesting that one type of hormone associated with more than one hormone from adenohipopisa. PIH is a substance that inhibits hormone secretion prolactin.

Pituitary or pituitary
In vertebrates, generally hipopisa located below the hypothalamus at the base of the brain, on legokan sphenoid bone called the sella tursica. Hipopisa in embryological develop from the ectoderm respiratory tract on the palate and the ectoderm neural in the developing hypothalamus. Multiple origin is partly carried over into adult organisms where the two main parts will be retained as kesatuankesatuan adenohipopisa gland and neurohipopisa real. Neurohipopisa consists of stalk or infundibulum and pars nervosa, whereas adenohipopisa consists of the distal pars, pars tuberalis and pars intermedia. At least there are 7 kinds of hormones produced by adenohipopisa of FSH, LH, ACTH, TSH (Thyrotropin), LTH and MSH (Intermedin). Are all proteins and hormones in FSH, LH and TSH contain carbohydrates. FSH and LH Folicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) is known as well as gonadotropin hormone because it stimulates both growth and gonad development. Is a glycoprotein hormone, where the carbohydrate content FSH more than LH (FSH in horses, sheep, cows and humans have to 25% carbohydrate). Carbohydrate chain consisting of monosaccharides namely mannosa galactose, fucosa, sialat acid and N-acetylglucosamine. FSH stimulates the growth and maturation of follicles in the ovary, stimulating the secretion of estrogen by follicle cells, and affect spermatogenesis in the testis tubule seminiferi. FSH secretion inhibited by estrogen from the ovaries and testosterone from testicular interstitial cells. LH together with FSH stimulates follicular maturation and secretion estrogen, LH causes ovulation, it is important to maintain the corpus luteum and progesterone secretion. In males, LH stimulates the growth and synthesis of androgen hormones (testosterone) in testicular interstitial cells (Leydig cell) so it is often also called Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone (ICSH).

LTH (Luteotropic Hormone)
Luteotropic hormone (LTH) or Prolactin is a protein hormone contains 198 amino acids. LTH stimulate the growth of mammary gland in mammals (Including rats, rabbits and guinea pigs). In pigeons, LTH stimulate crop growth. Together with LH, LTH maintain functional activities corpus luteum, LTH also stimulate maternal behavior (maternal) such as the nature incubate in birds.

Is the primary reproductive organs, where the male is called the testes and in female is called the ovary. Generally, a hormone produced by the gonads isthe steroid hormone androgen (testosterone), estrogen, progesterone and relaxin.

Androgens (Testosterone)
Produced by Leydig cells in testis. Testosterone is required for Sexual differentiation of outer genital organs, affects the process desencus testiculorum, growth and sustainability of gonad function complement produce cement plasma ejaculation time, affect the libido (sexual behavior) and the ability erection during ejaculation, affect the secondary sex characteristics and maintain the continuity of spermatogenesis.

Produced by the ovaries (follicle theca cells). Estrogen is necessary for physiological manifestations of estrus; affect the growth of the uterine endometrium. Histological changes in the vaginal epithelium during the estrous cycle, affecting growth of mammary glands channels feeding time, controlling the release of hormones pituitary (FSH and LH), responsible for the emergence of secondary sex characteristics in females, sensitize the uterine muscle to oxytocin, relaxes the cervix, vagina and vulva and cause tonus of the uterus.

It is a hormone secreted by cells in the corpus luteum lutein ovary. Progesterone is needed to maintain pregnancy by road inhibits spontaneous uterine movements and eliminate or reduce the response myometrium to oxytocin, inhibit secretion of FSH and LH to prevent occurrence of estrus, ovulation and estrus cycle, together with estrogen causes growth and development of mammary gland alveolar system.

Known as relaxin
Besides known as relaxin produced by the corpus luteum is also produced by the placenta. Separation of functions known as relaxin stimulate simphisis pubis in guinea pigs and mice (Facilitate deliveries), causing dilatation of the cervix uteri in pigs, cows, mice (also facilitate deliveries).

Hormone Plecenta
Included here is the hormone PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin), Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).

PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin)
PMSG diketemukakan on pregnant horse serum, is a glycoprotein with sialat a high acid content. Secreted by the endometrial cups (bowls endometrium) of the horses that formed the uterus 6 weeks gestation and there continued until week thirty. PMSG activity similar to FSH and LH (but tend to be more similar to FSH), often used to stimulate development follicles in superovulation for embryo transfer. Sialat acid content more higher and longer half-life compared with FSH, causes PMSG more effective than FSH.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG).
This hormone is excreted through the urine of pregnant women. Synthesized by the cells sinsitiotropoblas of the placenta. In humans it is known that there are 8 days after ovulation ( approximately day after implantation). HCG causes the corpus luteum becomes functional for pregnancy. HCG is a glycoprotein hormone that has activities such as LH. Often used to treat the events SISTIC ovaries (in cattle) and in some cases used also to stimulate ovulation.

Not the hormone but has an important function in the process of reproduction. There are 5 different prostaglandins namely PGA, PGB, PGC, PGE and PGF. Only PGE and PGF which have an influence on the genitals. PGF2alpha responsible process of corpus luteum regression (luteolysis) in estrus cycle (cows, goats, sheep, horse). Although prostaglandins was first discovered in semen and plasma vesicula produced seminal. At present it is clear that these substances produced large in some tissues and is released in the blood. High levels of prostaglandins in human semen for fertility seems absolutely normal, since men with Low levels of prostaglandins in plasma cement, showing a decline fertility, although containing the number of normal spermatozoa. Prostaglandins have various effects on smooth muscle, and nervous system blood pressure and also play a role in the regulation of biological activity berbedabeda. Prostaglandins reduce arterial blood pressure, but increases the contraction uterus during childbirth. They are also used to induce miscarriage in early pregnancy (the effects of the destruction of the corpus luteum). Prostaglandins also inhibit muscle motility of the intestine and can cause severe convulsions, vomiting and diarrhea. In some species, prostaglandins have an anesthetic effect calm.

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Sebah sex is an important aspect of any relationship and even sometimes more important than we dare admit. Even the attitude of the most romantic intimacy even need to remind us that as husband and wife we ​​have not only souls but also bodies, and the need for us to balance the two. Emotions will feed your soul, and food will keep the body functioning well, but only one thing that can feed both the soul and body in a time of sex. So here's some of the best reasons you need to know to perform this activity on a regular basis:

Sex is Emotional Process

 Yes, sex is a physical activity but most men and women agree that there are many advantages in the sex than just feel happy and lose the calories as a bonus. You see, there are good reasons behind pronunciation?? Related seksa?? is replaced with a intimate with seseoranga. Sex begins with romance and ended with the romance because both sides felt the need to cuddle afterwards.

2. Sex Train All Muscles

 This of course can be a speck of light from all the sports that we do at home. ALL sexual activity actually train the muscles of our body. Sex not only bring wonders for your physical appearance but also can help you to do Kegel exercises with a more efficient way to reduce the risk of incontinence later in life.

3. Sex Can Reduce Stress

 Similar to chocolate and other fun activities, our bodies produce sex hormones happy. This is a scientific fact that proves that couples who have high levels of stress but have sex often enough to reduce the level of stress they have. So, leave aside your problems and and plan a romantic evening that ended with sex. Why not? It will help you to forget all the problems, you'll sleep like a baby and you will have enough energy to face the next day with a feeling of happy and updated.

Sex Reduces Pain

 Headache is not a reason to refuse sex. Even that was the reason why you should do it! When emotions and happily joined hormones during sex, pain had no other option but to flee. So, if one time your partner says he has something that can make the pain go away, then you should believe that it is indeed true. 

5. Sex Helps You Live Longer
 Sex can rejuvenate you, heal wounds, make you more flexible and less susceptible to various diseases. Sex is enhancing immunity and metabolism, reducing the risk of stroke and fight the aging process! Add this activity in your routine and you'll get the perfect anti-aging methods that can not be sold or packaged in a bottle!

6. Sex Reduces Cancer Risk

 Everything that can cause cancer these days! Active smokers, passive smokers, deodorant, paint and even some clothes! Luckily there's one thing you can do to help prevent prostate and breast cancer by having sex.

Making a Female Sex Hormone Balance 

A night of passion can do more than just make her smile. Conducting an active sexual relationship means to produce more estrogen. And kta all know what happens when a woman's body stops producing the female hormone in the optimal amount! Sexual intercourse once a week could delay the symptoms of menopause, regulate menstrual cycles and increase fertility.


  In treating breast, you need to be more careful than with other body treatments. That is because the skin covering the breast is more tender and thinner skin than other female body parts. And keep in mind also the nipple, where the piece is her skin softer and more sensitive again. And to make the breasts to be beautiful, you need to take care of him constantly.
         If the breasts are not too dirty because many of your activities that release sweat, avoid using soap diarea, because some types of soap can dry the skin around the breast. And you can use a light moisturizer or sweet almond oil once every two days if your nipples look chapped. Also add a few drops of essential oils like lavender, and neroli scent to soften your breasts at the same time.
        In addition, you also can avoid breast rubbed with a rough towel, because if there are blisters, can make milk putung pain and tenderness.


  Glands on the inner surface of the cover material clitoral produce oil called sebum that lubricates the glans clitoris. This is the same gland located on the inner surface of the outer skin of the penis. Sebum is the result that appears in the clitoral glans is very soft and slippery. When the oil is collected materials, this is called smegma, which has a white color that is not good.
            Clitoral gland requires a lubricant that can make a cover for the shift without coercion. Stimulation of the clitoris is usually a very sensistif penggesekan stimulation of direct pressure. Method of masturbation in women usually make the shift to the front hood and back through the gland. If you just hit the gland with a finger, a woman may only feel a little sense of erotic sensation.If the cover does not cover the full gland, the gland will probably be dry and have cornification, which makes it look wrinkled. Like the layers of the penis in circumcision.ika smegma not cleaned from the bottom, then this will come together and dries to form small grains harsh under hood. Cause irritation which can become sore. It also can cause pain during masturbation., Vaginal intercourse, and perhaps when we use the tight pants. In addition, the use of pads also can cause pain. Heap smegma can occur in infants and young girls. In mild cases the dried smegma may menyebebakan little irritation of the clitoris, causing a desire to rub or scratch it. This is what causes babies and young girls often masturbate. The result raises reddish color, irritation, caused by frequent masturbation may conceal the primary problem. Adult women also can be confused with the mild irritation, feeling a need to frequently masturbate or have sex. This sensation should not confuse the presence of mixed-erection of the clitoris. When the irritation is more intense, the desire to touch this area, the inflammation can make any contact to be painful. So that smegma accumulation is in addition to increasing desire to have sex, also can make sex impossible.If the hood extending beyond the gland, thick and closed, irritation might be very hidden, because there is no visible indication. A doctor can examine a woman and did not notice that there is a problem. The women have to explicitly tell or show their doctor every area of ​​pain they experienced in the area around their vulva.          Women who experience pain on the vulva should examine their vulva with a mirror, trying to find the source of pain. Go to diokter and say, 'pain is under the' will not produce an accurate diagnosis. The doctors may not be aware of the possibility of dried smegma and adhesions of the clitoris, unless they request it, they are reluctant to check to see up close woman's clitoris.Irritation caused by the accumulation of smegma may cause the formation of adhesions between the glans and the concluding section. This is caused by two surfaces together form a network that when the body tries to treat and eliminate sources of irritation. Attachment can also be formed as a result of closing keep in touch with the glans gland. Some references state that girls are born with a lid that follow their clitoral gland, other references say that the attachment is formed after birth. While other references say that this attachment will remain there until puberty.
           Adhesion can prevent or at least limit the ability of the cover to slip between the glans glans. If you have adhesions, when you pull the cover, then the gland will be moved to follow the tug. You can not pull the cover back far enough to open the entire gland if you have adhesions, or slightly opening the lid. This makes it difficult or impossible in the cleanup. Interesting cover when you have an attachment to megakibatkan stress to the clitoris resulting in pain. Sometimes the whole hood cover is attached to the glans, require special care from a doctor.